Workshop on Human Centered Event Understanding from Multimedia (HuEvent14) is co-located with ACM Multimedia 2014, November 3-7, 2014 Orlando, Florida, USA

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Specific Topics to be Addressed and Specific Goals

Events are everywhere!

We find them in life-log applications and emergency response systems as well as in domains like cultural heritage, news, sports, and surveillance. Thus, we can understand events as natural abstraction of human experience. The different applications and domains make use of different methods and approaches for detecting, representing, and using events. However, they share the common notion of considering events as important entities. Events are generally understood as perduring entities that unfold over time. They are occurrences in which humans participate and may be subject to discussions and interpretations by humans. In contrast, objects are enduring entities that unfold over space. While some consider objects as 4D entities, i.e., extending across time just as they do in space, others consider both events and objects as first class entities that require each other.

The goal of this workshop is to present and discuss the different aspects and notions of events and objects. This includes methods for detecting activities and low-level events and objects from media content and other sensory data. It also targets solutions and approaches for detecting and modeling the relationships between events and objects. Finally, we invite submissions of novel applications that are based on the notion of events and objects and that make use of events and objects as first-class entities.

We aim to bring together researchers from the different areas in multimedia and beyond that are interested in understanding the concept of events. We invite original work in the areas of event modeling, detection of events from multimedia data, processing of events, organization of multimedia data using events as unifying mechanism, and applications of these techniques. Each submission to the workshop will undergo a strict peer-review process and will be evaluated by at least three expert reviewers.

The topics of interest for this workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Discovering events and/or objects from media assets;
  • Understanding objects' role in events;
  • Understanding objects' interconnectivity through events;
  • Understanding peoples' actions during events;
  • Analysis of humans' reactions/emotions/comments to events and/or objects;
  • Understanding  humans' event interaction and its evolution in time;
  • Analysis of human opinion and bias on event perception;
  • Analysis of human factors for event evolution, spreading and interpretation;
  • Use of human behaviors for event prediction and trend analysis ("in" and "on" the event);
  • Multiple views and multiple user event analysis;
  • Multimedia for human-centered event understanding;
  • Event-object oriented novel applications.


ACM Multimedia 2014

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